Project Year: 2015


Bangladesh Navy is frequently required to carry out military role of prevention of amphibious landing by undesirable forces and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) operations in coastal areas. The newly constructed LCTs will be suitable to fulfil these requirements. Beside the capability to land an embarked amphibious assault contingent ashore, each LCT will be also able to carry and accommodate a contingent for some time. These LCTs are capable to be deployed in UN mission as well.

Principal Particulars

Length OA                   

Breadth (max)               

Draught (moulded)      


Max Speed                   

Mission Length              


25.60 m.

5.40 m.

1.20 m.

130 tonnes.

10.0 knots.

10 days


General Characteristics

The LCTs have the following general characteristics:

a.    Able to operate in tropical waters.

b.    Have a not less than 25 year designed life.

c.    Have 3,000 hours of annual usage.

d.    Usual refit and docking interval will be 03 (three) years.

e.  Capable of beaching and landing a military contingent along with operationally loaded transports and equipment, or a contingent with equipment and stores in shallow depth coastal areas in Bangladesh coastal area and foreign coast for UN deployment.


The LCTs are capable to carry:

a.   Personnel. Up to 12 persons on board with sleeping berth facilities, and 30 soldiers in standing position.

b.   Vehicles. At least one MBT 2000 Tank or a Med Artillery Gun or a Dozer; or a number of medium and light vehicles.

c.   Stores. To be sufficient for the sustenance of embarked personnel during the intended endurance and/or mission length.


(1)     1 x Cabin for 2 Officers.

(2)     1 x Cabin for 2 Senior Ratings.

(3)     2 x Cabins for 8 Junior Ratings.

All of these cabins will be furnished with appropriate furniture and fittings along with facilities for cooking, dining, and recreation.


Main Engine                 02x Volvo Penta D9 MH Diesels; Each rated 420 HP @ 2200 rpm.


Gear Box                      Twin Disc.


Propeller                       02x Fixed Pitch Propeller

Generating Set             02x Perkins Sabre 4.4 GM; each rated 35 ekW @ 1500 rpm