Project Year: 2019


Bangladesh is a country of great potentialities because of its strategic location in South East Asia, large work force and fertile land and rivers. Sea ports play vital role in the national economy and overall development of the country. Payra Sea Port is the third international sea port in Bangladesh. For smooth operation of port activities, port authority requires various types of vessels. Survey and detecting under water objects is the one of the special and must needed operation of port authority. The survey boat will be constructed according to international shipbuilding standards and it will be suitable to fulfil the requirements of PPA.

Principal Particulars

Length OA                    

Breadth (max)              

Depth (moulded           


Max Speed                   



30.48 m.

07 62 m.

03.80 m.

01.70 m.

15.0 knots.

22 Person.

Registro Italiano Navale (RINA).

General Characteristics

The Survey Boat will be of the following general characteristics:

a.    Able to operate in tropical waters.

b.    Have a not less than 25 year designed life.

c.    The main hull will be of marine grade MS plate and superstructure will be of high quality marine grade corrosion resistant aluminium alloy.

d.    Capable of operating at sea state-3.


a.     1 x Cabin for Survey OIC.

b.     3 x Cabin for 03 Officers.

c.     2 x Cabins for 06 Survey Recorders.

d.     1 x Cabin for Master.

e.     1 x Cabin for Driver.

f.      3 x Crew Room for 10 Person

Survey Equipment

Multi Beam Echo Sounder                        Teledyne Reson T50, Denmark

GMDSS sets and AIS                                FURUNO FA 150, Japan.

Single Beam Sounder                               ODOM TELEDYNE MK111E, USA.

DGPS Receiver                                         Hemisphere GNSS R330, USA.

Sound Velocity Profiler                              Valeport Midas SVX2 CTD, EU.

Portable Single Beam Echo Sounder      ODOM TELEDYNE, USA


Main Engine          02 x Cummins Marine;

    Each rated 1000 HP.

Gear Box              Rein jet Reverse Reduction Gear. 

Propeller               02x Fixed Pitch Propeller. 

Generating Set     02x Cummins Marine Gen Set; each rated 80 kWe @ 1500 rpm.