Routine Maintenance and Engine Repairing is one of the most important task to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the Marine Vessel. Engine parts needs to checked on regular basis and repair and replacement must be done in timely manner to avoid failure and breakdown of the ship. Re-Engining involves replacement of Engine and engine parts, Propulsion system maintenance and improving the overall efficiency of the ship. 

Marine Engine repair is categorized in two parts – electrical and mechanical. Re-Engining includes maintenance and repair work on the mechanical parts of the engines as well as replacement of various electro-mechanical equipment.

DEW ltd. is capable of various kinds of Re-Engining works which can improve speed acquisition, lower fuel consumption, weight optimization, advanced electrical power and control system installation for engine etc. Our marine engineers carry out the re-engining works with their years of expertise, sound troubleshooting knowledge and correct techniques used for testing and overhauling.

We are specialized in re-engining works of all kinds of marine engines, jet propulsion, out board engine and regeneration of diesel generators. All kinds of servie tools, special tools and equipment related to engine liftin, engine removal, new engine installation, engine alignment, shafting works, propeller trueness checking are effectively carried out in our dockyard.

DEW ltd. is committed to provide its customers high quality re-engining works by the support of its qualified engineers and skilled workers. It has dedicated team of engineers and skilled workers to carry out your re-engining related works. We have the infrastructure and manpower for all your re-engining works in maritime sector.