DEW ltd. has the best resources and infrastructures available for all kind of marine engineering works related to any kind of marine vessels. 

Skilled Manpower:

DEW has a dedicated and highly qualified management body, consists of high-ranking naval officers from Bangladesh Navy, involved in decision making, forecasting and planning all activities. Managing Director organizes the shipyard, implements all business decisions by discussing with key personnel. It has a dedicated team, consists of qualified Naval Architect, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer and specialized personnel, to ensure the quality of purchased materials and finished products of this organization. A large team 700 skilled workers ensure on time delivery and efficient workmanship.


It has 21.78 acers of land area with a riverfront of 900 ft. It is capable to dock vessels up to 1500 ton (light weight) of 88.4m (290ft) length. The production capacity of the yard is 2070 tons steelworks per year. It has 27,220 sq. m. of open area and 3,000 sq. m. enclosed area for shipbuilding. 26% space is kept free for greenery to make it an environment friendly green industry.

Overall area of the yard is harmoniously distributed among production area, infrastructure and free spaces. Two shipbuilding fabrication shed of 5,400 sqm (approx.) and 4,800 sqm (approx.) respectively. North yard area of 17,000 (Sqm Approx.) It has a Central Warehouse having 1173 sq. m. (approx.) and other stores (old) having 1574 sq. m. (approx.) space for storing all types of goods necessary for shipbuilding.

For shipbuilding and other production, DEW has Slipways & Wet Basin, Docking Section, Shipbuilding Shop, Composite Boat Building Shop, Outfitting Shop, Machine Shop, ICE Shop, Electric Shop, Carpentry Shop, Paint Shop, Foundry Shop and Maintenance Shop. For Heavy lifting DEW has 01x Portal Jetty Crane (20 ton at 30m distance), 02 x Mobile Crane (30 tons) and 02 x Fork Lift (05 tons).

Other than that, DEW ltd. also houses a Mosque, Primary school and playground for its staffs.

Machinery and Logistics:

01x 100 Ton Crane

01x Portal Jetty Crane (20 ton),

02 x Mobile Crane (30 tons)

02 x Fork Lift (05 tons).

02x CNC Plasma Cutting Machine,

Hydraulic Press Machine,

Angle Bending Machine,

Bevel Shearing Machine,

Hydraulic Shearing Machine,

Hydraulic Press Break Machine,

Overhead Crane Centre Lathe Machine,

Heavy-Duty High-Speed Lathe Machine,

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine,

Vertical Boring & Turning Machine,

Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine,

Double Ended Grinding Machine,

Bend Saw Machine with Accessories,

Overhead Cranes (20 ton)

03 x Diesel Generators (400 kW, 380 kW & 250 kW)

Slipway is consisting of 13 x Rails etc.