To ensure uninterrupted services from a ship/vessel’s machinery and other equipment, routine maintenance and timely repair is more important to enhance the longevity. Thus, quality repair and maintenance support are the first priority of DEW to your maritime assets. 

From the largest and most complex mechanical items such as engines, thrusters, propulsion systems and cranes to navigation, automation, IT and safety systems, together with our industry partners we provide a complete one-stop service that will ensure that your vessels leave our yards at peak efficiency and class-compliant.

We also offer a range of vessel maintenance solutions for regular customers that include predictive, preventative, and condition-based packages so as to all but eliminate the risk of equipment failure.

We offer the following repair and maintenance services:

Hull surface treatment 

Steel repairs and renewals

Machinery repairs

Ballast tank cleaning/coating and pipe renewals

Steering gear works

Propulsion system repair

Electrical, piping, and mechanical systems repairs

Scrubber installation

Engine repair, inspections and maintenance

Large fabrications

The process of ship repair and maintenance are including but not limited to:
1) Remove rust paint when the hull is corroded (if there is no corroded part and the paint is good, do not remove the rust and paint randomly), repair a small number of hull components, and make appropriate repairs to the partially worn outer plates, decks or other plates or patch up.

(2) The host is partially disassembled and adjusted, the clearance is adjusted, and the bearing is cast with lead. Without special circumstances, the main engine of the ocean-going ship does not hang the crankshaft, the main engine of the Dajing ship does not leave the cabin, and the large diesel engine generally does not disintegrate.

(3) Auxiliary machines and piping systems are generally inspected and repaired, and parts can be replaced, but they are not painted or shifted.