60x Multipurpose Accessible Rescue Boat

Project Year: 2022


Bangladesh is a land of rivers. It is prone to flooding due to being situated on the Brahmaputra River Delta (also known as the Ganges Delta) and the many distributaries flowing into the Bay of Bengal. Due to being part of such a basin and situating less than 5 meters above mean sea level, Bangladesh faces the cumulative effects of floods due to water flashing from nearby hills, the accumulation of the inflow of water from upstream catchments, and locally heavy rainfall. Department of Disaster Management (DDM) under the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief faces challenges in carrying the people along with their house hold items, cattle from flood affected area to safe shelter station during flood time. These rescue boats are being constructed to serve this purpose. These boats are also capable to carry out rescue operation and will also have facilities for transportation of people with special needs in all weather condition. These boats are equipped with modern machineries to conduct its’ operation remote part of the country to distribute relief and to serve flood affected people.

Principal Particulars

Length OA           


Breadth (max)             


Depth (moulded)

3.5 feet.

Carrying Capacity          



7 knots


The rescue boats will be capable to carry:

·         Personnel.Up to 50 persons on board with seating facilities, and 30 persons in standing position.

·         Supporting Items.  Able to carry household items, cattle, wheelchair, stretcher, walking frame, lifesaving apparatus.

·         Embarkation/Disembarkation Facilities. Steel ramp, derrick, winch etc. to enhance rescue operation.



Main Engine                               : 01x  Marine Diesel Engine.

  Make: Weichai, China

  Rated Power: 95 HP @ 1800 rpm

Gear Box                                    : 1x Fear box

  Make: Advance China

  Model: HCQ 138

Propulsion System                      Make: Eliche Radice, Italy



Steering System                          Make :Scam Marine, Croatia

Electric Power                           : Solar Panel 2x150w.